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Pintini is fashion, it's current, it's Made in Spain .

The Spanish brand Pintini is born from the need to dress a strong and independent woman . A woman who is looking for something different when going to the office and wants to feel elegant and formal as well as modern and current.

A timeless signature, for any age and moment, that presents in its first collection the jacket suit as its main piece .

Pintini garments are versatile, comfortable and of course, unique since their collections are limited. We wanted to give it an added value and that is why there are only 40 units of each color. The idea is to play with the shades every so often. The Pantone gives us so many possibilities that we don't want to get caught in a color. Pintini is a brand that wants to create, wants to live and enjoy what it is, says its creator Silvia Rodríguez.

This Spanish brand aims to transform the concept of suit into something renovating. A brand that dresses a woman who does not need a special occasion to feel beautiful. You can wear the same Pintini with shoes any day or go up to your best stilettos for a great event.

Currently Pintini has a unique design that you can find in 4 different colors. The names of the pieces, Harvey (the jacket), Katrina (the pants) and Pearson (the top), are inspired by the characters in the Suits series . As for the color palette, it goes from an immaculate white, through a light blue and a mustard and ending in a caramel brown. Do you manage to decide for one?

PINTINI Honey - Made in Spain

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